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Ever had an aging loved one that you could sit for hours just taking in their life stories?What about an organization that has changed your life? How about  a rich family history that is filled with pride and dignified grace? Maybe you want a wedding story to begin your journey of love.

We enjoy exploring family and corporate histories, delving into a bride and groom’s history to tell the ultimate love stories and document them for posterity. We can produce your personal documentary of your family history, your business or whatever subject matter you choose.

 Rather than the traditional family tree; let us assist you is chronicling your history and capturing your precious loved ones or clients  for future generations to see (and learn from).

Please see our services below:

Corporate Video

Commercial Video

Wedding Stories

Infomercials ,

Multimedia Clips,

Voice Over Recording


Promotional Material

Event Photography

Aerial Photography & Video

Real Estate Photography

Training DVD’s

Web Videos

Television Advertisements

Event Video

At Fujon Media we look at Life through the lens and want to tell your story.  



Telephone: Local Line (242) 376-4846  / US Line (954) 278-6984 (9-5 EST)  

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