2019 - The Premonition (short Film)

I gave myself a challenge to produce a short film with limited dialogue, support equipment and script writing time; this is the result. The Premonition is about the struggle of a young Bahamian man with criminal aspirations whose inner thoughts provide him with a way out. His choices will have lasting consequences or benefits, but it’s up to him to choose wisely.
2017 - The Love Project (Love Stories)

This project was near and dear to the heart of our founder Trevor Clarke. It attempts to take a dip into the lives of three married couples to explore their love and commitment. The project serves to encourage and enlighten couples regardless where they are in their respective journeys.
2014 - Get Out! (Short Docu-Drama)

Get Out is a Docudrama about domestic violence in the Bahamas. I am passionate about equal rights for all. It is my hope that this project will help someone, anyone to rise above the fray of abuse whether abuser, victim or bystander and be counted as whole, unique and healthy individuals. Check out the trailer, Behind The Scenes and the Docu-drama. Tell someone – break the silence…..
2011 - Make Em Listen The Movement (Documentary) in SD

This is the story of the past and rise of Make Em listen. The ‘Movement’ as it was once dubbed was pioneered by Patricia Chatti in the Bahamas. It assisted young Bahamian artist of all genres to realize their true potential and rise to new heights not seen before. All music is original and performed by Bahamian artist in this film...